Google Apps/Office 365 a cloud showdown

For most of the 90s and well into the first decade and a half of the 2000s, Microsoft Office reigned as king of the Office suites. The Internet, in its early years, didn’t change that much, until the concept of the cloud was introduced. With it came competitors, such as Google with Google Drive, determined to give Microsoft a run for their money.


The world is divided when it comes to the Internet, many citizens see it as a vast network of free, or nearly free information where one can find the most neutral, and arguably the best, information. Many governments see it as something that should be controled, going so far as to introduce or try to introduce laws governing Internet use.

Crowdfunding helps ideas fly

In most world economies, businesses and entrepreneurs are having a tough time securing funding for their projects or ideas. Banks are wary about lending to any perceived risk ventures, and most venture capitalists are not investing. Because of this, many small businesses and entrepreneurs have had to look elsewhere for funding, one of these options available is crowdfunding.

Tweets can damage your reputation

140 characters, it may not seem like much, but time and time again, people and companies manage to blemish their reputations using 140 characters or less. There are many ways they can do it, but the main medium this happens on is Twitter. While having a Twitter account is useful for many small businesses, they should be aware of ways they can damage their reputation simply by tweeting the wrong thing.