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A Great America – Happy July 4th!

A Great America – Happy July 4th, Everybody!

So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

Have you ever gone home at night and asked yourself, "Did I remember to start the back up," or "oh, shoot I forgot the backup tapes." Don't worry we have a backup solution so simple that even a caveman can do it, give us a call and see the solution even a "caveman” can understand.

Grapes or Cucumbers? Hershey's or Godiva? What kind of customer service do you expect?

Have you ever been referred to a local business by a friend who just raved about the level of service or the experience they received? How do you feel when the service or product falls short? You might respond like the monkey in this video when he was served cucumbers and his buddy got grapes. Extraordinary customer service is something we work to deliver every day. Don't expect Hershey's from us; we deliver Godiva!

How to get and use video testimonials!

One of the quickest ways to build influence with potential customers is the personal referral. What better way to get that referral than through a video testimonial?

It's really easier than you think. You just need to be prepared to ask and record the testimonial right away. The more off the cuff the video looks, the more credible it is.

Watch this video for my friend Tom's easy tips on getting the best testimonials.

Social Media Revolution

What is social media and is it a fad? Check out the statistics here on Social Media use and you will see it is more than a fad. Facebook, has over 900 million users and it will be around for a long time. If you need help getting your business on Facebook, give us a call.

What does your website look like on an iPhone?

About 25% of all website users will view a website on their smartphone. Chances are pretty good your website doesn't look great because it was designed for a full-size monitor.

You have some options to solve this problem ranging from a one page mobile site with essential information to a full App that you download to your smartphone.

Give us a call. We can guide you to a solution that best fits your business needs.

Oops... the true story of how Toy Story 2 was deleted from the Pixar server, and the backup failed.

Lost your backup, can't happen to you? Watch this video, then go to the mirror and repeat three times, my back up is good. If it can happen to a giant of Silicon Valley then it could happen to you. Here is the amazing story of how Toy Story 2 was totally lost and then recovered again