SIRIS All-In-One Backup Solution

Disaster Recovery with SIRIS

Unlike traditional backup and recovery solutions, SIRIS utilizes a cloud-first approach to deliver an all-in-one solution, including both local backup and recovery with a secure, cloud-based repository and full disaster recovery in the cloud. All these functions are administered from a secure cloud portal, letting you view, manage and recover data from a single interface.

Simple and Flexible Solutions

SIRIS is designed as a simple and easy solution that's flexible enough to meet any organization's needs, from software-only implementations to hardened backup appliances, your company can implement the solution that best fits you. Since SIRIS was built from the ground up for modern data protection, it sets the standard for reliability and ease-of-administration. Unlike pre-cloud era backups, SIRIS was designed specifically for organizations that want a secure cloud administration portal that needs less administrative overhead, while also offering powerful backup and recovery tools.

Why Choose SIRIS?

Simplicity in design does not mean lack of innovation. SIRIS is the definition of modern backup and recovery, which is why Datto defines SIRIS as an all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution. By unifying backup with disaster recovery, SIRIS delivers key benefits. Instant Virtualization can recover a system in seconds, either on the cloud, on local hardware, or on the SIRIS device itself. SIRIS also offers a wide array of recovery options, from retrieving single files, to system-wide rollbacks to undo major issues such as ransomware attacks.

Security for your Security

If backup is your strongest defense against ransomware, what happens when the backup itself is under attack? Malware and hackers have begun targeting backup vendors themselves as well as just end-users. Fortunately, SIRIS takes your backup's safety very seriously, protecting it with features like two-factor authentication for the Datto portal, backup copies kept in the cloud beyond the reach of ransomware, and Cloud Deletion Defense, which protects against any accidental or malicious deletion of data. With SIRIS, your data is in good hands.

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