Fixed Fee Projects

Technology doesn't have to be a hassle

Here at AlphaNet, we provide our support on a per-system basis. This allows you to plan and budget for IT support.

We also provide implementation services based on a fixed fee, so when you start a new project, there are no surprises or budget problems, since you'll know exactly what the project will cost.

Our Fixed Fee Projects provide:

  • Fixed Project Fees - for predictable budgeting with fixed fee projects that include hardware, software and labor
  • Standard Fees for Small Projects - get a table of pricing for small projects like desktop or printer setup
  • Volume Discounts for Small Projects - get discounts for volume orders

Project Services from Alpha NetSolutions bring predictability to both your business and your budget, giving you better technology ROI and more time to focus on what really matters - your business.

Stop waiting for your technology to break. What are you waiting for?

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