Microsoft 365 Training from AlphaNet

At AlphaNet, we provide a number of options for getting training in the use of Microsoft 365.

Public Training at our Office in Millbury, MA

On Odd numbered months, we hold in person training. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptop for the workshop, so they can work on their own system (or you can work on one of our in-house systems). Sessions include:
    microsoft 365 training
  1. Intro to Microsoft 365. During this session, we will cover:
    1. What is the cloud and how are people using it today?
    2. Why is everyone talking about (and presumably moving to) the cloud?
    3. Is this secure?
    4. How does Microsoft 365 fit into my business?
  2. Advanced Workshop for Microsoft 365. We will dive in depth into an aspect of Microsoft 365, discussing how to use this technology, and strategies for how best to leverage it. Aspects in the rotation include:
    1. OneDrive for Business
    2. Sharepoint
    3. Lync
    4. One Note

Public Webinar

On Even Numbered Months, we hold a webinar that mirrors the agenda of the previous month’s seminar.

Private Training at our office, or your office, or as a webinar

We can put together a custom training package for your company, based on how you will use Microsoft 365 for your company. Sessions can run from 2 hours to a full day. We will base your training on our curriculum, but can customize to me your specific needs. Pricing will vary based on required prep time, duration of training, number of students that will be attending, cost of materials, and where the training will be held.
microsoft 365 training microsoft 365 training

Questions about our Office 365 Training?

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