Cloud Continuity for PCs

It's 2020: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Since the Covid-19 Quarantine instituted in early 2020, many companies have had a major shift toward either a complete Work from Home/Work from Anywhere business model, or a hybrid model where a large portion of employees are working from outside of the office. Many have noticed benefits to this model, including reduction in need for real estate, savings in incidental supplies, etc. So it looks like Work from Home is here to stay.

You’re backing up your server—but is that where ALL of your data is?

The current state of the art in server backup is economical, reliable, and effective. But is that where ALL of your critical data is? There are two forces moving your data off your servers—Cloud Computing, and Work from Home. More and more shared data is being pushed to places like Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, Google Drive and G-Suite, and Amazon S3. But a lot of data is ending up on your end users’ home side computer, whether it’s a personal desktop or a company laptop. They keep their documents local, and often just email them to others when needed.

Do you have any computers with expensive software installed?

Beyond the basic “knowledge worker” computers (that is, computers used for basic communication and document creation), many companies have specialty computers that might be used for CAD, Graphic Design, Application Development, or some other advanced computer application. With these types of systems, you have two risks—the data being created in these applications, and the applications themselves, which can be difficult to install on a new computer due to how the software is licensed.

A quick, easy solution for Specialized and Work from Home PCs

We are leveraging a technology from Datto (who also provides our server backup appliances) call Cloud Continuity for PCs. This cloud-based solution will create and maintain an image based backup of your critical workstations, whether they are at your office or on the road. If a system is down, or stolen, or destroyed, you can have immediate access to a virtualized instance of that system where it sits in the cloud. And, when your replacement computer has been provided, you can simply restore the system to its last backup point. And since it is backing up your computer continually, you lose very little data.

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