Would You Pay $1 To Get $3.25 In Change?

changeWho wouldn’t want to shop at a store that can deliver that! Is this some Nigerian business opportunity? Not at all…

A review of the services we deliver for our clients showed that our clients receive an average of $3.25 in services for every $1.00 they spend with us. This is based on a cost comparison between hiring a full-time, beginner technician or outsourcing to us. And that’s not taking into consideration the combined experience our team brings to your organization that you WOULDN’T get by hiring a single person.

Of course you don’t see a lot of the work that goes into our services because they are done behind the scenes or after hours so that we don’t disturb you while you’re working. But in a time where saving money is more important than ever, it IS worth noting that you made a smart decision to outsource your services to us!

Published with permission from Technology Times. Source.Source.

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