COVID-19: How to properly clean your keyboard, mouse, laptop, smartphone, or tablet

I thought that in consideration of the concerns about Coronavirus out there, I thought this was something you could share with your employees, friends and family.

Now more than ever it’s important to be diligent about cleaning anything you touch. In my world, that means smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC keyboards.

Delete this app for more Android battery life

When it comes to phone apps, many people use Facebook’s version multiple times a day. So it may cause you to cringe when you learn the dramatic effect it has on the battery life and speed of your Android Phone. You heard that right, the Facebook app is reportedly draining 20% of your Android’s battery […]

You can have iTunes on your Android Phone

One of the biggest problems facing new Android users relates to music. More specifically, it relates to just how in the heck does one get their beloved, and often times robust, iTunes Library onto their shiny new Android phone. Believe it or not, the process isn’t as complicated as it seems. There are a few […]